Transom windows

All of our stained glass is custom made to fit the size and application where it will be installed/hung.

​The price listed is the cost of the item shown here. Prices will vary based on the size and details included in each design.

Please contact us for a quote for your project.

Stained Glass Transom Window(TW-100)
Price:$400.00 .
This design can be made in any colors or textures that complement your decor and provide as little or as much privacy as you require.
Size:27 ⅞" w x 19 ⅞" t.
Stained Glass Transom Window- TW 104
Price:$600.00 .
This design can be made in any colors or textures that complement your decor and provide as little or as much privacy as you require.
Size:52 1/14" wide X 24 1/4" tall.
Stained Glass Transom Window (TW-91)
This design can be made in any colors or textures that complement your decor and provide as little or as much privacy as you require.
Size:60" wide and 30" tall.
Stained Glass Transom Window (TW-160
This design can be made in any colors or textures that complement your decor and provide as little or as much privacy as you require.
Size:44 7/8" wide x 27 1/8" tall.
"Bright & Colorful Bubbles" (TW-82)
Our customer request was: "A rectangular piece with a lot of multi-colored bubbles: Purples, reds, blues, oranges, greens, yellows...bright and colorful". If you look at the photos listed, you may agree with us on the impression that we made it happen!

Size is 12"x34".
"Phoenix" (TW-81)
This awesome stained glass transom featuring a beautiful phoenix with our customer house number is already making their home entry a very special one!

Size: 35 and seven eighths by 13 and seven eighths.

If you are looking for a piece that is not only original but also has a strong meaning, like the phoenix, don't hesitate in contacting us because we'll be happy to make it happen!
Transoms and Windows (AM-27)
Custom made transoms are perfect for giving your home a personalized touch or restoring its traditional beauty. Here in Baltimore, Maryland, having a transom window above the front door of every rowhouse was once an unquestioned tradition. We believe it still should be!

If you are looking for a custom designed transom to suit you own style contact us.
Bubble Transom  (AM-31)
This colorful stained glass transom was designed by a wonderful young couple
from Washington DC.
This piece measures approximately 15" tall X 31" wide. This design can be modified with or without house numbers and to any size or shape you made need.
Maryland Crab (AM-32)
Here is stained glass transom window that we designed for a man and his daughter that are not only fantastic people to work with, but are true "Marylanders". When they told me they wanted a design that incorporated the Maryland Blue Crab with the Maryland state flower I said "Are you sure?, Crabs are soooo ugly!" Well, this is how it turned out. Maybe crabs aren't so ugly after all.
Contemporary Diamonds 2 (AM-34)
This colorful custom stained glass transom window panel can't go unnoticed!!
It measures approximately 17'' tall x 32'' wide. It was created using translucent opal glass in a variety of color select by our client. The house numbers are solid black opal glass surrounded by bright white translucent glass that really makes them stand out.
I think it would give a unique and fun illusion to your home!!

Contact us for a quote for your custom transom window.
Transom - Bold House Number (AM-36)
This stained glass transom window features bold house numbers centered in a light amber texture glass. The thick outer border stands our against the white trim and the door is the same bright red.

This one measures 14 inches high X 30 inches wide but the design can be modified to many sizes. See this listing for an example.
Transom with 3D house numbers AM-38
This comtemporary stained glass bubble transom window features metal house numbers mounted on pegs that protrude from the surface of the window giving the finished piece a 3 dimensional look. This design can be modified with or without house numbers and to any size or shape you made need.

This one listed measures 10" Tall X 38" Long.
Transom with 3D House Numbers AM-41
This is one of our coolest contemporary stained glass transom windows. It looks completely different between day and night. The circles are made with a mixture or opal, translucent and transparent glass in a variety of colors and textures. The metal house numbers are mounted on 1 inch copper pegs for a 3D look.

This one measures 13" tall X 31" wide.
Transom and Panels (AM-52)
This fun and colorful set consists of one Transom with address marker and two panels in different sizes.
Panels come with hangers installed upon request.
Feel free to choose any glass color or texture combinations that you like.
"Delicate Flowers" (TW-80)
This delicate design is already decorating our customer's front entry with pretty flowers and birds.

Size: 35 ⅞” X 15 ⅞”.

If you want to display your house number in a different and original way, you should consider contacting us to create a beautiful transom window for your home.
"Bright Patchwork II" (TW-79)
This colorful piece is a different version of our Stained glass Transom Window - "Bright Patchwork" (TW-53):
With the addition of a beveled inside border.

Size is 30 ⅛ w x 34 7/8t.

If you want your house to stand out in your neighbourhood, you should contact us because we are specialists in creating original pieces that catch all the looks!
Washington DC II (TW-78)
This design is a different version of our "Stained Glass Transom - Contemporary - Washington DC (AM-39)":

Size is 37 7/88 X 16 7/8.
"Colorful Ribbons" (TW-77)
This simple but fun and colorful design was created as an interior transom and it's already decorating our customer's home.

Size is 59 7/8" Wide X 9 15/16" Tall.

If you are looking for a modern piece that also adds a splash of color to your home decor, you are in the right place!
"Blue Squares" (TW-76)
This transom is a different version of our Stained Glass Transom Window - Primary Squares (TW-48):

Size is 12" x 36".

Our customer wanted to reflect the colors of his house on the transom piece so we used dark blue, light blue, and light yellow for the colors palette.
"Hippo & Chewbacca" (TW-75)
This fun and colorful transom was created for our customer's home entry as you can see on the installed photos.

Size is 31 ⅝ wide X 14 ¾” tall.

This original designs is another prove that we can create almost any design you may want with the colors you like! You just need to contact us and we would be very happy to assist you on your project!
"Written Treasures II" (TW-74)
This lovely piece is already embellishing our customer's desk ans it's also a different version of our "Stained Glass Transom - "Written Treasures" (TW-57)":

Size is 35 3/4 W X 38 1/2T.

If you are a writer or a books lover, this may be the perfect piece for you!
"Traditional Rosebuds" (TW-73)
This traditional and delicate design featuring our customer's house number is a perfect way to add an original touch to your home entry!

Size: 30 wide X 15 3/4 tall in center and 12 7/16 on the sides.

Glass cost: $400 (doesn't include wood frame).

This design can be done in an arch shape as shown or a rectangular shape in just about any size and colors you like.
"Maryland Theme" (TW-72)
We are adding another piece to our Maryland collection!! This one features the flag, a beautiful Oriole bird and black eyed susans.

Size: 35 7/8 w x 9 3/8 t.

Are you a proud Marylander?? If the answer is yes, then you should consider this unique design made out of pure Maryland love!
Sagrada Familia in Blues & Greens
This colorful stained glass window was created to be an interior transom and the design is the same as our "Stained glass Set of Windows - Inspired by the Sagrada Familia (W-44)", specifically, the right half of the second panel and the left have of the third panel:

Size: 17 ⅞ X 33 ⅞.
"Traditional Design III" (TW-70)
This delicate transom is an excellent choice if you want a classy and traditional decor for your home. It is also another version of our Stained Glass Transom window - "Traditional Design II" (AM-53):
Size: 35 ⅝ wide X 11 ⅝ tall.
-clear & red- (TW-69)
This simple but elegant piece is a different version of our Stained Glass Transom - Traditional design -clear & blue- (TW-60):

Basic measurement is 14 1/2 X 32 1/4 at center but when it comes to arch shaped windows we need a template of the opening in order to ensure a perfect fit.
"Victorian Mosaic" (TW-68)
We made this transom for our customer's house which is a 1908 Victorian rowhouse in DC, so she wanted the transom style to be appropriate.

Size: 40 7/8 X 16.

If you are looking for a piece that combines with your house style and decoration, you should contact us and we'd love to create a custom stained glass piece for you!
"Flowing colors" (TW-67)
This multi-colored design was created to embellish our customer's home entry! As you can see, it features the monogram O in the center, as in the first letter of our customer's lastname.

Size: 72 wide X 12 tall.
"Half brow shaped" (TW-66)
This unique transom will definitely stand out, not only for its unusual shape, but also for its vivid cold and warm colors.

For this kind of pieces, including arched windows, we request a paper template in order to ensure a perfect fit.

We are sharing the before photo so you can imagine how different her entrance will look once the piece is installed.
Victorian ribbons & flowers-II TW-65
This classic and elegant set of five transoms is already decorating our customers home, as you can see in the photos listed.

Sizes and Prices:
The arch is 74 1/2 wide X 36 3/8 tall finished size. $1000
1st rectandular transom: 68”w x 8”t. $700
2nd rectangular transom: 31 5/8” w x 7 1/2t (3 pieces in this size). $300 each.
Total: $2600
"Elegance in black" TW-64
Price:$ 600.

This classy transom window was created not only as a decorative piece but also with privacy purposes.

Size is 66 3/8” long by 12 11/16” wide.

This is item is available now and can be shipped to your home right away! Don't miss the opportunity!
"Blue Hydrangeas" TW-63
This gorgeous stained glass transom was made for a Hydrangeas lover, along with her house number, in order to decor the home entry.

Size is 31 7/8 X 17 3/8 tall.

This piece was created in a more traditional style with all translucent opals. Four different shades of blue were used for the flowers and background is ivory opal.

This transom shows once again that we are always happy to work side by side with our customers to create the piece they have imagined and desired.
Warm/Cold Flower TW-62
This unique stained glass transom is already embellishing our customer's home entry with its bright colors and you can tell by looking at the photos!

Size: 29 3/4 x 16 3/8.

Glass: Orange water glass for star. Aqua Blue Waterglass and clear waterglass for the background. Cherry Red waterglass for the accents.

ART NOUVEAU design TW-61

This stunning piece was created as an interior transom for our customer house and it's a replica of an antique art nouveau transom.

Size: 10 13/16 x 59 13/16.

Glass: This piece combines a lot of different glass including pale amber opal border, transparent amber border in the center piece, Clear Krinkle in the back ground, Wissmach green translucent and many glass globs/nuggets in different sizes.
Traditional -clear & blue TW-60
This piece is a different version of our "Timeless Traditional Arch" (TW-47):It was created with blue transparent glass for the leaf shapes, Clear Krinkle behind the numbers and clear Crackle for the rest of the background. The border is black opaque glass and the light blue circles are large glass globs/nuggets.

Basic measurement is 34 1/2" w x 19" t at center but when it comes to arch shaped windows we need a template of the opening in order to ensure a perfect fit.
Clear Textures II TW-59.

This mission style stained glass transom window can be made in any size, colors or textures of glass that coordinate with your decor.

Glass: Combination of various clear textures. Wissmach flemish center bordered by corded and krinkle glass.

Size is 45 7/8" wide X 16" 7/8.

This elegant piece will add a classy touch to your home at the same time that will keep the privacy of your home.
"African Symbols" TW-58
These unique and colorful pieces were created for the area above the office, bathroom and bedroom doors of our customer's house.

Sizes: One of the transoms is 30 3/4" X 11 3/4" and the other 2 are 28 3/4" X 11 3/4".

Glass: These are African symbols done on fused glass for the center medallions. The rest of the glass is transparent textures multiple colors.

If you want to add a splash of color and originality to your home, this kind of pieces would work perfect for you!
"Written Treasures" (TW-57)
Price: $382.
This unique piece will give our customer's front door a magic, literary touch!!
Size: 32" x 13.25".
Glass: On this piece we used Pale blue waterglass for the background, honey amber opal for under the shelf and the rest is just miscellaneous colors and textures combined for the books.
"Baltimore Clipper Ship" (TW-56)
Price: $500.
This beautiful piece featuring the Maryland flag, a Baltimore Clipper Ship and our customer's house number won't go unnoticed!
Size: Size is 31 7/8" wide X 19 1/16" tall in the center.
Do you like this piece? Well, then this could be a great opportunity to show all your neighbours that you are a proud Marylander!
"Maryland Collage" (TW-55)
Price: $1,854.
Are you a proud Marylander?? If the answer is yes, you should take a look at this unique piece full of Maryland symbols: the Boh icon, the O's logo, the Ravens logo, a horse racing scene, a red crab, Old Bay, black eyed susans and the list goes on!!!
Size: 42 1/2" wide X 22 13/16" tall in the center.
This piece is the result of the work between us (designer and workbench team) and our customer who chose every element on the transom and also the place for each one.
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