Portrait Designs

Looking for something unique? We now create stained glass portraits from your photos! All you need to do is send us your photo and the size you would like the finished glass. From this, we can create scale designs for you to consider and provide you with an estimate for your project.

Idea: A wedding portrait in stained glass would be a great 3rd anniversary gift!

Mancow Muller Show Project

This is a stained glass panel that will be featured in an upcoming broadcast of the Mancow Muller show as an item from CustomMade.com. As you can see, the original photo and the design that Meli created from it are attached. Also, If you are interested in watching the show, we will post info about it soon!

For this piece we used such a large selection of glass, ranging from opals, translucents and transparents; in order to coordinate the glass with the photo. Then we added a little extra color to make the background more interesting.

The size of the panel is 22" X 22 "with a 1/4" metal frame and hangers.

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