Star Wars Storm Trooper (P-6)
Stained Glass Quilt Design (W-9)
Owl and the Moon (AM-15)
Geometric and Elegant design (W-26)
"Geometric Splash II" (W-37)
"Iridescent Peacock" (P-26)
"Elegance & Privacy" (W-55)
"Traditional Opals" (W-59)
"Beveled Flower" (W-63)
"Silver & Greens" (W-71)
"Sailing the Stormy Sea" - (W-79)
"The Magnificent Mermaid" (P-61)
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Production Studio:

3403 S. Hanover St. Baltimore MD 21225

Phone: 410-354-0971


Class Location:

5626 Southwestern Blvd. Halethorpe MD 21227

Phone: 443-610-9130


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